Rates and Conditions

  • Initial fee covers up to two (2) hours of service: $150
  • Hourly rate for each subsequent hour: $60
    • Charged on a ¼ hour basis
  • Southern California rates
    • $150 / $75
  • Estimate can be emailed upon request
Payment Methods
  • YES! We accept credit cards: visa, mastercard and American express
  • Cash
  • Check

Short Notice
  • There is an additional fee for requests made fewer than two (2) business days: $40

Special Rates
  • Some assignments require a specialized skill set to interpret accurately and effectively.  
  • Some examples of these assignments are legal interactions, medical procedures, recording or video taping of the interpreter, and performing arts.  The rates for assignments such as these may vary from the rates posted above.
  • Please contact us to inquire if your assignment fits into this category.

Cancellation Policy
  • Any cancellation made fewer than two (2) business days will be billed in its entirety
  • Semester long college classes will be billed for a two-week period following the cancellation.
  • Failure to show of either the deaf or hearing person will be billed in its entirety

  • Travel expenses including lodging and meals are to be reimbursed at cost.
  • This is in addition to the fees mentioned above
  • Travel is a specialty of this interpreter and arrangements can be made to mitigate the cost of providing an interpreter.
  • Adventure interpreting such as white water kayaking, mountain climbing, long distance biking, etc may be arranged by barter
    • Please contact us to negotiate details

Inclement Weather
  • This interpreter has made arrangements to arrive in a timely fashion regardless of the weather conditions
  • Assignments cancelled due to inclement weather will be billed according to the cancellation policy above.

Teaming Provided
  • The density of the material being interpreted will dictate the need of providing a team interpreter
    • In general assignments lasting 2 hours or more will require a second interpreter to maintain the quality of the interpretation.
  • We are willing to assist in locating a team interpreter should this be necessary.
    • You may contract directly with the second interpreter
    • If you wish we can contract with the second interpreter ourselves at the following rates
      • Initial fee: $160  Hourly rate: $75

Other Information
  • Payment is billed on a net 30 basis.
    • Any payment received more than thirty (30) days after the invoice has been sent will be charged an additional 5% on the principal for each delinquent seven (7) day period
  • Assignments with no deaf participants present will not be interpreted so the services may be utilized at a location where a deaf person is in need of interpretation, unless prior arrangements have been made.
    • The cancellation policy above will be followed


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